Physicians for Social Responsibility – Finland


Physicians for Social Responsibility – Finland (PSR Finland) was founded in 1982. Today it unites more than a thousand current and soon-to-be Finnish physicians, dentists, veterinarians.

PSR Finland’s mission is to raise awareness in the medical community on global ethical and social matters, and to promote safe livelihoods, equality and peace.

The organization is non-partisan and independent of companies and any commercial entities that could endanger the professional integrity of physicians. PSR Finland does not accept financial support from the medical or pharmaceutical industries.

PSR Finland is an affiliate of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and a part of Health Action International (HAI).

The central work of PSR Finland consists of: development cooperation, peace promotion, and social responsibility in healthcare.

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Development Cooperation

PSR Finland implements development cooperation projects related to health issues. Current projects take place in Nepal and Somalia and previously PSR Finland has run multiple projects in Peru, India, Nigeria and Tanzania, among others. All projects are supported by the expert volunteer work of our members.

Somaliland, mental health project: We support the access people suffering from mental health disorders to community-based mental health services, the Ministry of Health and Development Somaliland to coordinate mental health work, and work to raise awareness on mental health and alleviate the stigma of mental health disorders.

Somalia, tuberculosis programme: We provide tuberculosis diagnostics and care, and HIV testing in Hargeisa and Mogadishu. In Hargeisa we also run a national reference laboratory, which provides quality-assurance and training for peripheral laboratories in Somaliland and.

Funding for PSR Finland’s development cooperation work comes from a variety of sources. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland is the main funder of PSR Finland’s development cooperation work. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is a central donor for PSR Finland’s programme in Somalia.

Donations are vital for PSR Finland’s development work. You can support the development cooperation activities by donating here.

Get involved! For more information about our development cooperation work: PSR office lsv[at]


Tuberculosis programme in Somalia

Tuberculosis continues to be one of the most central health problems in Somalia. Rather than fading, especially bacterial strains with resistance to drugs seem to become more prevalent, making the disease increasingly dangerous and more difficult to treat.

The expert knowledge and added value of PSR Finland’s work in Somalia lies particularly in the diagnosis of multi-drug resistant (MDR) disease cases through cultivation and drug sensitivity assays. The strengthening of the local capacities in relation to MDR diagnosis requires committed long-term efforts.

In addition to the laboratory focus, PSR Finland treats patients with tuberculosis according to the WHO-recommended DOTS protocol in Hargeisa and Mogadishu. The diagnostic work and the treatment results have been encouraging thus far, but new cases are continuously diagnosed. Meanwhile, the real number of infections in the area is estimated to be considerably larger than the number of confirmed cases. As part of the DOTS protocol, patients are also tested for HIV in the clinics.

PSR Finland’s intervention in Somalia is supported by: The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the World Food Programme. In addition, the foundation Nummelan parantolan tutkimussäätiö supports the project. Private donations are critical for our work.

Get involved! For more information about our Somalia programme: Programme manager Mariko Sato, mariko.sato[at]


Social Responsibility in Healthcare

PSR Finland advocates for a just and sustainable healthcare system in Finland. We critically assess the relationship between physicians and the medical industry – emphasizing the need for transparency in healthcare. We stress the right of all people to high-quality healthcare.

In our joint programme with Global Clinic (called PapeTe) we support the right of undocumented migrants (UM) to healthcare. We also support the work of volunteer doctors, nurses, midwives and psychologists at the Global Clinic. Global Clinic has offered healthcare services for UM on a voluntary basis since 2011.

PapeTe programme offers information and advice about the healthcare of UM for patients as well as professionals working in social and health care. The PapeTe programme is funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations.

Get involved! For more information about the PapeTe programme and Global Clinic: Project coordinator Meri Korniloff, meri.korniloff[at]


Peace Promotion

PSR Finland is a part of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded organization International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). PSR Chair Kati Juva is IPPNW’s International Councilor. PSR Finland is also a member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The mission of this long-term work is the abolishment of all nuclear weapons.

We advocate for Finland to become more active in promoting an international agreement banning nuclear weapons. PSR Finland delegations regularly meet representatives of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland to discuss disarmament issues.

PSR Finland’s peace work also addresses armed violence that undermines health and security. We participate in international campaigns and congresses to prevent small arms violence. PSR Finland has published several books on nuclear weapons, small arms and disarmament.

Get involved! For more information about our peace work: chair Kati Juva, kati.juva[at]